The Sweet Sound Of A Well Made Cocktail

May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have you ever seen a more wondrous and intricate invention in all your life? Meet the Pianococktail; a piano that mixes drinks based on the combination of keys played. I would be tempted to slam on the keys and rock out with a little Ben Folds action. I’d call my cocktail “Rock This Bitch.”

And believe it or not, there is a method to this madness…

{found here}

For each note there’s a corresponding drink – either a wine, spirit, liqueur or fruit juice. The loud pedal puts in egg flip and the soft pedal adds ice. For soda you play a cadenza in F sharp. The quantities depend on how long a note is held – you get the sixteenth of a measure for a hemidemisemiquaver; a whole measure for a black note; and four measures for a semibreve. When you play a slow tune, then tone comes into control to prevent the amounts growing too large and the drink getting too big for a cocktail – but the alcoholic content remains unchanged. And, depending on the length of the tune, you can, if you like, vary the measures used, reducing them, say, to a hundredth in order to get a drink taking advantage of all the harmonics, by means of an adjustment on the side.


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