Kick-Ass Picnic Guide, And Then Some..

April 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Refinery29 posted “Your Guide To The Most Kick-Ass Picnic Ever!” today and I like where it’s going but- a picnic is more then a blanket, basket, and a cool look. I find the following additional items necessary for frequent picnicers:

1. Battery operated music device. There is something surreal and wonderful about hearing music playing in the great outdoors.

2. Alcoholic beverages. Wine, cheese and apples make for a nice meal. So do sandwiches, chips, and beer. Or in my mothers case; fuzzy naval wine coolers and all food. Cheers!

3. Games. A frisbee, hacky sack, croquette set, or nurf ball all go a long way at these events. So do books and pillows for napping.

4. More protective gear. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a good start. But for the ultimate planner consider including bug spray, a hat, chap stick, and a light jacket.

5. Extra food. Well in this case, just food because this guide doesn’t seem to have any. But after that, consider bringing extra food for any tag alongs, your pet dog, and wild animals (unless you’re in bear country).

6. Garbage bag and moisten towelettes. If you don’t want to bring your trash home, take a garbage bag with and toss it in a public receptacle before you leave. When napkins aren’t enough, bring towelettes or wipe your hands on less desirable friends.

7. Friends! This girl looks unhappy- probably because she forgot to bring friends with. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll remember next time…


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