Spring Cleaning Chair Page

April 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am going some spring cleaning and getting rid of both my “chairs” and “paper” pages at the top of the blog. So what I have done is put the same content in posts for you to find and reference in the future.

My sister Angela loves chairs. And I love my sister Angela.

So I post chairs I come across here for her… and you!

Chair notebooks by Modern Print Matter.

This chair lives in the home of Camilla Engman. I don’t know who makes it.

I don’t think Angela would like this chair, but I do! Doesn’t it remind you of a dream-catcher?! Picture found in City Sage which was found in Elle (UK).

I have a feeling I would lean back in this chair and fall out. But its great all the same. Both a seat and a clothes hanger by Loris&Livia.

This chair is made out of 8 pairs of crutches! It’s calles the Lourdes Chair, by Peter Francis Pracilio.

Bernhardt Design/Suzanne Trocme: Allee, found on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy’s San Francisco Scavenger found this. I love the lines!

Design Sponge shows off this dining room makeover by designer Matthew Lanphier

Designed by KOI, sold at HORNE

Found on Design Sponge which found them in the home of Julie Murphy, the designer of jack and lulu. I love this yellow.

Tiny Little Chairs, Made from precious metals, each pendant is handmade in Montreal by Bruxe Design in collaboration with Uranium Neckware.

I wonder if you could play this chair like a string instrument!? Danish Modern Lounge Chair by madhome– found on Etsy.

I like the white cushion- very crisp and refreshing. An Apartment Therapy’s Boston Scavenger find.

I know this image isn’t about selling chairs- its fotografi by Miklas Njor, but aren’t they great?

My boss loves Danish furniture… and I am starting to think I do too! Teak Danish Modern Chairs $130 found by Los Angeles Scavenger. {via Apartment Therapy}

The new Room&Board catalog came out this week!

Meet Louis– “A modern interpretation of a European club chair, it grows more comfortable the longer you live with it.

It’s always nice to have chairs that stack. By Alexander Gufler. Also by Gufler, the Berta Chair found at the Contemporist.

Meet the Café America chair. Available here.

I hit the mother-load! I found myself on the Galerie Sommerlath website and fell in love with everything!

the prairie chair by von tundra.

I’ve seen this concept before… but now that I see it in orange, I’m sold! Create a “new” set of dinning room chairs by painting them all the same color. Via howaboutorange.

the pant rocker by shiner.

Designed in 1957 by Mendes da Rocha, Winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2006, the Paulistano chair is a Brazilian version of a Bauhaus classic and joins the ranks of iconic design classics from Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe and other European designers. From BODIE and FOU.

I seem to reserve a special place in my heart for plaid furniture, these chairs included. Reupholstered Knoll chairs from Apartment Therapy New Yorok Scavenger.

From A Well Dressed Home by Annette Tatum.

Handsome benches! Photograph from GunkelmanFLESHER interior design.

Found in the home of Heather Moore & Paul Edmunds.

I enjoy these bar stool/ chair things. The seats are wonderful! The legs seem a bit bulky, but this SF kitchen has enough space for them. Room designed by Palmer Weiss.

I’ve grown to like Porter’s Chairs; they are both an arm chair and a fort. Plus, they’re classy!

These tone chairs are calling to me. My interest is hinging on obsession. TONE chairs by Leif.designpark.

In Japan’s craft culture, predecessors have created much craft work applying the traditional techniques of parquetry, which brings out the natural taste of the various types of wood used. The unstained natural colors of wood must result from absorbing the numerous nutrients within the soil. The diversity is amazing. Tone is an attempt at producing furniture using effectively materials and skills established in the Japanese culture.


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