Can You Guess What These Ads Are Selling?

March 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Clever or confusing?

In college, I was taught to never dumb-down an ad. Your audience is as smart as you ask them to be. Take a guess at what the professionally made ads below are selling, the answers can be found in the comments.

These ads aren’t for dumb people, the are syndicated to their target markets appropriately but I’m asking you to be smarter then the image, which is why I have removed the logos and copy.


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§ One Response to Can You Guess What These Ads Are Selling?

  • ARK says:

    1.) D-Fence: Tough Barbed Wire
    2.) HP Printers: High Quality Printing
    3.) Ludwig (drums): Terrorizing neighbours since 1909
    4.) SURAJ Electronics: If 2 pixels can tell a story imagine what millions can do. LCD Tvs with full HD now available
    5.) Fleischmann Flour: The biggest part of your pizza is flour- use a special one
    6.) Dr. Reddy’s: Don’t Treat Diabetes to Your Kidneys
    7.) The Times of India: The identity of young Chennai
    8.) R.I.P. Yellow Pages
    9.) Associato de Défense Contre le Tabac: Fumer, C’est Être L’esclare du Tabac “Don’t be a slave to tobacco”
    10.) Krebsgellschaft Nordrhein- Westfalen: Skim tumor, there’s no art to early detection

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