John Lennon & Marilyn Monroe Endorsing “Anti Retro”

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Citroen’s  “Anti Retro” campaign is centered around two 30 second commercials which question the merits of looking back in time for inspiration, urging us to live our lives now.

Come again? Are they trying to tell me John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe should not be a (retro) source of inspiration?  Yes, that is what they are saying.

The ads are live footage of the celebrities voicing the need to be original and bring something new to the picture. Okay that sounds better, right? See commercials below.

These ads had so much potential… until they tried to sell cars.

I love the concept for notable celebrities encouraging people to do their own thing, the message can speak to a number of different ideas and appeals to everyone on some level. But these altruistic and motivational messages are completely lost when tied to car sales. Booo.

I would have liked to see this concept tied to a  museum of some kind, to a school of the arts, or something inspiring individual creation.


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