10 Resolutions for 2010

January 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a wealth of resolutions for the new year which is no surprise because I am a self-prescribed master list maker, and over-achiever to boot. That being said, my resolutions (and to-do’s) are as follows:

1. Eat 3-Meals a day. (I’m a breakfast skipper)

2. Organize blog-roll. (This one’s also for you guys!)

3. Pay off and put away the credit card.

4. Go to Australia. (I have a loved one to visit there now!)

5. Purge a carload of stuff for Goodwill.

6. Become a more consistent correspondent with my international friends.

7. Develop a morning routine and/ or stop hitting the snooze button. (I usually run around like a chick with it’s head cut off.)

8.  Ask out that guy I have been eying at the library all month!

9. Get my game back- tennis that is. Add this to #8 and the picture below could be me and my library friend! See how cute we look together?!

10. And finally, Utilize the web. This blog and my other technology endeavors could be so much more. Anticipate some spectacular advancements!!

And what about you? Do you have any resolutions worth sharing!?


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