The Grey Sweatsuit Revolution

December 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today I attended a holiday work party and I must have over done it in the buffet line because somehow I found myself googling sweatsuits this afternoon. Some food for thought:

THE GREY SWEATSUIT REVOLUTION is a voluntary experiment in personal and social expression via one’s superficial identity being limited to a grey sweatsuit (except for when at work) for the entire spring of 2004.

I am entertained by the social reactions to this project. It looks and sounds liberating. But in this particular case I like to feed the machine and camouflage myself in social norms. This means, now out of college and really having no excuses left, I won’t allow myself to purchase or wear lounge clothing in any place considered public.

I do miss the days when I rolled out of bed, changed from one pair of sweatpants to another, and brushed my teeth while I walked across campus. But today, and as far as the grey sweatsuit revolution is concerned- a girl can only dream!


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