The Best of NOLA

December 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

I said I would post  entries in preparation for my trip to New Orleans, but it never happened. Sorry ’bout that.  I will however, be providing you with a recap now…

We caught a Soul Rebels show. Its a jazz/rock/rap band with some excellent covers and a lot of soul

I decided I really like bread pudding. I must learn how to make it.

We drove to Baton Rouge to tailgate an LSU game. Go Tigers!

My sister took me to perch (on Magazine street) and I fell in love!

We took a ferry boat to Algiers and wanted to buy all of Jamie Stank’s jewelry at the street market.

We hit up Cafe Du Monde because French doughnuts are so much better then American ones. (At least when they are hot and have a pound of powdered sugar on top)

We ate BBQ at The Joint, yum.

We visited the 9th Ward, it’s in a sad but promising state– puts things in perspective.

We shopped! There are about a million small boutiques and clothing stores worth looking into. I wish I had been wearing this outfit while I was there, so casual and cool.  However this store is now my go-to place for NOLA style!

We admired the architecture. I am convinced if the cities of Buenos Aires and Key West were to have a love-child, it would be New Orleans.

And lastly, we celebrated Thanksgiving. For which I am very thankful!


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