November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

slug line

(Sorry, this isn’t a very inspiring picture… )

Yesterday I learned what  slug lining was and I find the whole thing terribly interesting. Cars, opposed to traditional public transportation, are a more environmentally friendly method of transit. BUT most people don’t ride more then two to a car and the number of cars on the road in polluting both the freeways and the environment.

The solution: carpool, or in this case slug line. A slug line is a carpool of passengers that an individual driver picks up from a bus stop (or other wait area).It’s not an organized carpool through a specific place of business, just a person, picking up other people all headed in a similar direction.

Slug lining has becoming increasingly popular along the East coast, specifically in the DC/ Virginia area and from which rules and etiquette guidelines have developed.

As a driver, I would be fearful of picking up some creepsters but that’s where the rules of etiquette come into play.

To learn more about slug lining, check out the links below or simply google “slug line.”


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