So Long Soda

November 2, 2009 § Leave a comment


When I was in elementary school, I had a frequent substitute teacher who used to be a drill Sargent for the army. As I remember, she was very loud and masculine and scared the living daylights out of most children. Anyway, she told my 4th grade class a story about how soda pop can remove the paint finish off a car. And if it can remove paint- think about what it is doing to your internal organs!!! The moral of the story was- don’t drink pop! And I didn’t for years. In fact it wasn’t until just recently that I found myself falling back into the habit.

Anyway, I came across an article about the negative effects of pop today and it reminded me of my substitute teacher and my broken abstinence from the stuff. That being said, I am going cold turkey!

So Long Dr. Pepper, we had a good run!


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